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Scott Ihms

Scott Ihms, guitarist, composer and friend of The Berman Foundation died on January 25, 2002, at his Lincoln home.

He was 45 years old and spent the last 7 months of his life bravely fighting cancer. Scotty was a sensitive, supportive player who enjoyed all kinds of music, and played pop, rock, funk, fusion, jazz and original music with groups like Fidelity. He had perfect pitch, could compose and arrange and had the kind of talent for getting along with people that was unparalleled.

You could always depend on Scotty in and out of music and he was always helping somebody out.

Scotty will be sorely missed for his contributions as a man and a player. He was a kind person who was universally liked by those who knew him, and he spent much of the last few years taking care of his parents.

Scotty spoke softly but he had great insight, and he played in much the same way. When he played the only thing he was asked occasionally was to turn it up, so we could hear a little more.

He was one of the best friends I've ever had, and no one could ask for one better.

From the day I heard he was sick last summer I started to miss him. In the end, I just couldn't get over the feeling that no one could do enough for this wonderful man who spent so much of his life giving help to others, and never asking anything in return.

If you're playing right now, Scotty, wherever you are, please, go ahead and turn it up.

Butch Berman 2002

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