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Fall 2002
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Fall 2002
Performance Reviews, Interviews

Bev Rehkop
K.C. woman combines jazz and photography

By Tom Ineck
Bev Rehkop envisions the drama and excitement of a live jazz performance as moments magically frozen in time. Combining her love of jazz and photography, she has realized her vision, becoming one of Kansas City's most familiar and well-respected jazz photographers.

Friends of Jazz
Nigerian Umbrella offers shelter in the storm

By Butch Berman
Friends of Jazz is an occasional column paying tribute to non-jazz organizations that in some way benefit the Berman Music Foundation or me.

Since I plan to marry a gorgeous Nigerian woman, Grace Gandu, I am proud to mention the nonprofit organization the Nigerian Umbrella.

K.C. scores another hit on latest visit south
by Butch Berman
The music awaiting us might now have carried the same intensity of Bobby's amazing performance, but emotionally it couldn't top our second Missouri adventure.

Cory Biggerstaff
Young bassist sets sights on DePaul University
by Tom Ineck
At 23, his impressive growth and maturity as a musician has not gone unnoticed, either in his hometown or beyond. He has been a first-call jazz bassist in the Lincoln-Omaha area for several years, and this fall he will attend DePaul University in Chicago on a scholarship, pursuing a master's degree in jazz performance with bassist Kelly Sill.

Berman Music Foundation funds first Topeka Jazz Fest Academy
By Tom Ineck
TOPEKA, Kan. - Young musicians from four area high schools participated in the first TJF All-Star Academy, sponsored by the Berman Music Foundation.

My Story: The Beginning of the Boogie Kings
by Doug Ardoin
In response to the story of the Boogie Kings as presented here by Ned Theall, the BMF received this version of the story by another member of the band, Doug Ardoin.

Letters to the Berman Music Foundation Editor

Belgian pianist returns
to Lincoln Sept. 12

By Tom Ineck

The 1998 Jazz in June series ended with the spectacular American debut of Belgian pianist Ivan Paduart.

Thus began my Lincoln Journal-Star review of Paduart's last Nebraska appearance. When he returns Sept. 12 for a 7:30 p.m. performance at P.O. Pears (one of several upcoming shows funded by the Berman Music Foundation), it promises to be a similarly stellar occasion-and a bit of deja' vu.  

Cables concert is 2002 live jazz highlight
By Tom Ineck

There never was any doubt that the June 11 performance by the George Cables Trio would be Lincoln's live jazz highlight of the year, and the year wasn't even half over.

Accompanied by bassist Cameron Brown and drummer Victor Lewis, Cables appearance for the Jazz in June outdoor concert series was highly anticipated and lived up to the high expectations. The Berman Music Foundation sponsored the concert.

Project Object carries on Zappa tradition
By Tom Ineck
PETALUMA, Calif. - It is no surprise that there is great music happening in classic, restored movie theaters all over America.
My expectations rose to unrealistic heights as I imagined a group of accomplished musicians who could do justice to the complex, hilarious, sleazy, profound, political, exasperating, dark, puzzling, challenging, lyrical music of the master. Zappa (1940-1993) was somewhat of a human conundrum, and it was difficult to imagine anyone capable of capturing his many moods and contradictions.

Paris and San Francisco meet in Lincoln
Hot Club of San Francisco

By Butch Berman

It seemed like Paris in Lincoln via San Francisco June 18 at the third in a series of acts that the Berman Music Foundation brought in for the Jazz in June series this season.  

Teen Djangirov continues to improve with "age"
Eldar Djangirov

By Tom Ineck

Eldar Djangirov, the 15-year-old jazz piano marvel from Kyrgyzstan, is aging with a combination of youthful grace and prodigious talent.

Dave Pietro band delivers Wonderful concert
By Bill Wimmer

Saxophonist Dave Pietro brought his group to Lincoln for the Jazz in June series June 25.

Pietro, a very talented musician, composer and arranger, came with an excellent group featuring David Berkman on piano; Pete McCann, guitar; John Hebert, bass; and Nasheet Waits on drums.

Topeka Jazz Festival 2002 Review
Topeka Jazz Fest was a piano-lover's dream

By Tom Ineck

Stan Kessler and the Sons of Brazil
Lincoln's 2002 Jazz in June series, sponsored in part by the Berman Music Foundation, began June 4 with a high-spirited performance by the six-piece Sons of Brasil, who brought the exotic rhythms of Brazil via Kansas City, Mo., the group's hometown.
By Tom Ineck


Summer 2002
Articles, Opinions, News, Letters

Performance Reviews, Interviews

George Cables Brings mainstream piano trio to Jazz in June
by Tom Ineck

Doug Carn-Savannaha Scene

Butch's Kansas City Trip

Abbey Lincoln
Lincoln songbook full of anticipated surprises
Scrapple from the Apple
By Russ Dantzler

Horace Parlan Unsung Hero
By Bill Wimmer

Eldar's star on the rise at May 16 NJO Concert
by Tom Ineck

Great Expectations have become a
Topeka Jazz Festival Tradition

By Tom Ineck

Don Menza with Nebraska Jazz Orchestra

Letter to the Editor from Dan Demuth / Boogie Kings

Dave Holland in Manhattan Kansas

Steve Irwin Blasts KC Jazz
Following the sad announcement that the Kansas City Blues and Jazz Festival had been canceled for the foreseeable future, an e-mail discussion forum of Midwest jazz proponents has emerged in an attempt to make sense of the decision and to speculate about possible alternatives. by Tom Ineck

Regina Carter


Spring 2002
Articles, Opinions, News

The Fabulous
Boogie Kings
I thought that the Flips had invented Blue-Eyed Soul. Well, wrong.
...I discovered the true innovators of this genre The Fabulous Boogie Kings Louisiana's R&B legends,So with pride, I am running a series from the pen of Mr. Theall on the story of this incredible musician's band, The Fabulous Boogie Kings.
Read on and dig it, daddy-o! by Butch Berman

Duke Ellington
This article is by Dylan Nelson, an 11 year old 5th grader at Beattie Elementary. He has been playing piano since he was four and loves jazz. This article was written for a school project on famous people and we thought you might enjoy it too.

Scrapple from the Apple
Last November, Kansas City's Jam Magazine editor Mike Metheny asked me to write a column on "How the Jazz world has changed since Sept. 11," from a New York prospective. I agreed, with the provision that I could tie in a tribute to Etta Jones. © Russ Dantzler 2002

Mile High Musings
by Dan Demuth
Butch has asked for an inclusion in this issue of the newsletter of some of the happenings here in colorful Colorado. Jazz venues are alive and well, both locally and as we like to say "up in Denver".
Hey out there in Lincolnland, anyone listening?

Monty Alexander
Alexander's reggae jazz takes Royal Grove by storm
By Tom Ineck



Etta Jones

Tommy Flannagan

Manny Alban

Scott Ihnus


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